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Posted on: 2022-02-19

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Job Opportunity WAPDA Engineering Academy

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Posted on: 2021-01-07

Full Time Job

A government sector job is one of the most stable careers, especially in Pakistan. Out of all the government sectors in Pakistan, there stand some, which provide a relaxing environment while appreciating the hard work of their employees. WAPDAis one of them for sure. If you want to make your career stable, along with supporting your family, then you should definitely go for WAPDA jobs.


WAPDA jobs are advertised in local newspapers as well as on the internet by the HR department of WAPDA itself and some other testing services like NTS and PTS for the people of Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, and all across the country. The relevant information about the jobs can also be found on the portals of PTS and NTS because they organize the tests on the behalf of WAPDA.

Information about these job vacancies is regularly updated on our website, you can also get a chance to avail the golden opportunity of securing a job in WAPDA if you keep visiting our website frequently.


How to apply for WAPDA jobs?


Download the job application form from the official website of WAPDA or NTS/PTS website.

Check whether you can directly apply for the job to WAPDA or you have to apply through NTS or PTS.

If the application can be made directly, you can mail the application form along with the required documents directly to the regional or headquarter office.

If the job is test-based then you will have to pass the test. In this case, you have to fill the form, deposit the required fee in the bank, and submit the application form along with the bank slip.

A list will be made consisting of the candidates who will have passed the test.

Shortlisted candidates shall be called for interviews.

After the submission process, you will be informed about the follow-up procedure along with interview schedules.




WAPDA is an acronym for Water and Power Development Authority. The objective of this department can be determined by its name. The department is responsible for maintaining water and power supply in Pakistan. WAPDA was founded in 1958 by an act of parliament to integrate the conservation of infrastructure formerly overseen by provincial agencies. The main responsibilities of the department include power generation, operation, and distribution across the country. Although, WAPDA does not manage the thermal power plants.

Every year, jobs are offered by WAPDA in the vacancies including, meter reader, lineman, inspector, data entry operator, computer operator, foreman, helper, rigger, naib qasid, stenographer, and assistant director. The main headquarter of the organization is located in Lahore, Pakistan.


WAPDA Water Vision 2025

A mega project named Water Vision 2025, worth approximately $25-33 Billion, has been announced by WAPDA. This National Water Resource and Hydropower Development Programme is expected to generate 16,000 MW of hydroelectricity. Along with the generation of electricity, other goals of this project are to eradicate the water shortages, limit drought, increase the water storage for the growing population.

The water storage shall be increased because the project includes 5 Dams to be built. This mega project is divided into three phases. These projects will have a storage capacity of 12,790,000-acre-feet with a capability of generating over 3360 MW of electricity and irrigating 14,000 acres of land.


Pay and Perks

the training and wellness programs offered by WAPDA playa great role in building the career of an employee working in their organization. They have a firm belief in teamwork. Your professional career will be groomed in a much better way if you work in WAPDA. And most importantly, the working environment with all the factors of modern ergonomics provided by the organization have a great impact on the mental as well as the physical condition of the employees. Below are the perks provided by them.

  • Employee benefit programs
  • Pension plans
  • Ethical work culture
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Team spirit evaluation

Subsidiaries and Supply Companies of WAPDA

Water and Power Development Authority, headquartered in Lahore is a governmental body responsible for water and power management in the country. Obviously, for achieving efficiency, the work has to be divided into parts. Hence, WAPDA has several subsidiaries and supply companies working on the behalf of WAPDA in order to guarantee efficient performance. These include HESCO, GEPCO, MEPCO, FESCO, PESCO, LESCO, SEPCO, PEPCO, etc.

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