How to get a job in dubai on a visit visa

In this article, we explain how to get a job in Dubai on a visit visa. Follow the tricks and increase your chances of a great job in Dubai.

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The job market in Dubai is growing day by day. Dubai is a developed city that attracts people from all over the world. The living standards are also high here. Several individuals work in Dubai and settle there forever.


Do you ask Can I get a job in Dubai like them?

The answer is a Yes! You could too!


If you are planning a visit to this middle-eastern city, you might also ask how to get a job in Dubai on a visit visa?


Yes. You could do that too!

How to Get A Job in Dubai on A Visit Visa?

Here are generally known yet very important, mindful, and effective ways to land a job in Dubai:

Do Your Homework

When you enter Dubai, you would have a few days to search for and secure a job. Then the company will help you in acquiring a work visa or you could apply for it.


This is a very little amount of time. Given the limiting factor of time, you need to conduct job research before entering Dubai.


This is the age of the internet. You could easily get all the important information related to your relevant job market by doing browser searches. You could then also find out what’s happening in the corporate world of Dubai, the trends in the job market, and so on.


Not only this, make a list of all the companies and positions you want to apply for. Also, start sending out job applications through email or some other channel before actually going to Dubai on a visit visa. Nearly all companies accommodate this application approach.


If you mention that you are applying from your native country, you could even land a job without an interview or with an online one. The company could then arrange a work visa for you and then you could start working in Dubai.


The Internet has created so many possibilities! Optimize them and live your dreams!

First Things First: Get These Done Before Visiting Dubai

Get all your important documents together. And get them attested from the local governing bodies in your country as well as the UAE embassy.


This is important because employers give great importance to your credibility given your foreign background.


Moreover, there have also been incidents of fraud in the past by workers from underdeveloped countries. The companies thus want to ensure that they face no future problem in employing you by carefully scrutinizing your submitted documents at the start.

Network as Much as You Could

Your skill and expertise undoubtedly play the main role in helping you secure a job in Dubai.


But networking will make the process far easier and comfortable.


Suppose if an internal employee of the Dubai-based company recommends you?

As a result, the prospects of you getting the job will soar.


This is the reason that regardless of wherever you are, network as much as possible.


Maybe a person you know has an acquaintance in the company you are going to apply to. This chain of connections works in the favor of people.


Remember success in the corporate world partly depends on networking.

Exercise Professionalism

Don’t write or say desperately that you have less time to stay in Dubai. This is because the employers would not consider this except your skill and expertise.


It is important that you approach them with professionalism and understanding.

Visit Dubai At This Time

The companies in Dubai hire all around the year but avoid visiting the city in the summers. This is because of two reasons.


First, given the hot summers, you would face difficulty in giving interviews physically around day time.


Secondly, employers visit cold destinations around this time of the year to avoid the hot summers of the UAE.

Keep a Perfect CV or Cover Letter

You are investing your time and money in your visit to Dubai. Despite all this, if you do not get a job in Dubai due to a bad CV or cover letter, it will be the most rookie mistake you will ever make.


A CV, resume, or cover letter will be your first impression on the employer. Ensure that the document is perfect. For doing so, you could get the CV or cover letter made from a professional CV or cover letter writer.


But it will be far better that you take a CV/Resume/Cover Letter Writing Course (there are several available online) and draft the CV or cover letter by yourself.


This will help you in refashioning the CV or resume according to different positions and write different cover letters for different employers.

Apply at Multiple Employers

When you would have made a CV, customize it to send it to multiple employers for different positions.


By doing so, you will have multiple options to choose from. Not only this, you would have greater chances to land a job in Dubai.

When in Dubai, Give as Many Interviews as Possible

Once you are in the city, optimize your time.


You have applied for positions from your native country. It’s time to consolidate one of them.


During the interview, carry yourself with confidence and professionalism.


Wear a formal outfit.


Give out honest information.

Follow Up Properly

Following up properly is also pivotal in the recruitment process.


Ask the interviewer politely when you will be told about the decision.

Mention that you will be in Dubai for a certain time period.

Be accommodating by giving the recruitment manager your contact information.


Dubai is called the ‘city of gold.’ People from all over the globe come to the city to realize their dreams on visit visas. Landing a job here is indeed not easy but it is also not impossible. The above-mentioned guidelines explaining how to get a job in Dubai on a visit visa would help you in successfully landing a great job in Dubai.

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