Management Jobs require oversight of other employee’s work, and exact duties can differ across industries and businesses. Management jobs in many companies offer some of the most direct ways of assuming more responsibility. One thing is focused on people in management jobs: they manage the people below them to make sure the work is done properly.Feel free to browse our list of current work openings in Dubai. Below is a list of managerial positions available at Dubai, Qatar and KSA.


The Latest Advertisement of Urgently Hiring in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Published on 2020-Feb-25 in Express News Which is The Right Jobs for you. express news. Total number of vacancies are 10.

A very well-known Telecommunication Company based in the United Arab Emirates requires the services of professionals for the position of “TELECOM TECHNICIANIn Dubai, UAE. Benefits are the sole responsibility of the hiring organization concerned. No further description of the job is provided by the job publishing agency or the recruitment agency.

Candidate Requirements:

  • The candidate must speak English fluently
  • The ideal candidate must have proven work experience in a similar field
  • No Further requirement is given in the job posting


Successful candidates will receive the following benefits:

  • Free accommodation as per United Arab Emirates Labor Law
  •  Free ticket as per United Arab Emirates Labor Law 
  • Free medical on behalf of the client
  •  Free health insurance as per United Arab Emirates Labor Law
  • Free transport services are provided to a successful candidate
  • Other benefits are provided under the United Arab Emirates Labor Law.

Advertisement details:

Express-News published “Urgently hiring in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)” advertisement on 24-Feb-2020, which is a fast-growing online news website of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan’s Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BEOE) approves this advertisement under the Permission Number 516051, which confirms its validity.


Test Interview Location:  Test interview will be conducted on 26th February in the presence of the Delegation at Green World Trade Test and Technical Centre, Rawalpindi. Candidates are required to be well dressed (Pant, Shirt) to appear for the test interview.

Workin on an urgent visa Policy, Office will begin its selection process on the spot on 26th February 2020.

About the Employing Company:

  • The main business of the Company is Telecommunication
  • No Further details have been given regarding the hiring company in the advertisement
  • Eligible Candidates are advised to visit the offices mentioned above for further details
How to Apply

If you are interested in the position , Contact through the following infomation

  • Email Address [email protected]
  • Visit our office. LOCATION : Attiq Ur Rehman, Office No. 6, 2nd Floor, Umar Farooq Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Muree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Job Requirements
  • Qualification is not mentioned in the advertisement.
  • Experience is not mentioned in the .

Management Jobs in Gulf Countries

 There are several management Jobs in Middle East, from project managers to operations executives, managers, and managers; covering a range of sectors including finance, retail, education, health care, logistics, luxury, hospitality, and more. Management positions in the education sector can vary from head of department to school principal vacancies. Dubai is one of the prime living and working locations in the Middle East. Landing a management job in Dubai will allow you to enjoy high-end facilities and top-notch living standards.

Management Jobs

Employers are looking to increase their workforce, citing plenty of full-time and part-time positions listed by both employers and recruiters. Job seekers who dream of working in the UAE can simply check and apply for vacancies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah via email, online or walk-in interviews. The UAE, Qatar and KSA are haven of employment opportunities in all fields and industries, from the entry level, executive, to manager job applications.

Salary Range for Management Jobs

Offering a tax-free income, the average salary range of management professionals in Dubai could start at 8000 and go as high as ($2,178 – 13,612) per month depending on the industry and your level of experience and qualification.

Profits of Management Jobs

Beyond the attractive pay, successful applicants will also receive a host of other advantages such as housing, health care, paid annual leave, and airfare. Bonuses are also offered, as are training opportunities. Many companies also provide the schooling and health care for dependents.

Qualifications for Management Jobs

Aside from other certifications, such as project management, most management positions will require at least a Bachelor's degree. A Master's or Doctoral Degree may be required for the education field. Feel free to visit our list of current vacancies and career openings in Dubai and Qatar for additional information on work qualifications, skills, salary and employment benefits.

How Management Jobs Work

The simplest way to understand what distinguishes a management job from a non-managerial one is to look at the employees' daily tasks. Management roles are usually positioning in which the primary duty is to conduct tasks through the intervention of others, rather than through performing the work yourself.

A project manager at a factory, for example, does not run one of the machines and they're often better at that role than any of the operators. A software development manager does not write lines of code even if they can do that job. This is because they are in positions of management.

Think of a team leader, lead steel welder or a senior programmer. These are all positions that rank in their region at the upper level but they are not considered positions of management. There may be times when they manage other people, but mostly they do the same job as the other workers in their group.

Management Jobs in Gulf Countries

How to Get Management Jobs

You generally have to demonstrate two key things to get a management job. Second, you usually need to learn the activities that the group you are going to handle performs. More importantly, you need to be able to show an ability to manage and motivate people.

The second set of skills can be difficult to learn if you don't work in a management role. Even before you get the title you have to learn to think like a professional. This is the age-old dilemma. Like most other jobs, nobody wants to give you that first management job unless you have experience, but if nobody gives your first job, you can't get experience.