How to do ielts in dubai for canada

In this article, we explain how to crack IELTS in Dubai for Canada’ lifestyle, education, or work. Noticeably, IELTS is an important English proficiency test.

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The IELTS test will come your way when you want to work, study, or migrate to Canada. For doing IELTS in Dubai for Canada, you need to be good in certain aspects of the English language.


Be it the areas of education, work, or living, Canada is the best country. Even though the prospects of living in Dubai are excellent, still many Emiratis and foreigners prefer moving to Canada.


To realize any of these things, you need to take up an English language proficiency test along with fulfilling some other important requirements.


What is the IELTS Test?


IELTS stands for ‘International English Level Testing System.’ This English proficiency test is recognized by immigration agencies of many western countries. Rightly so, the IRCC, which is the department of the Canadian government for immigration, also considers it the most worthy English evaluation test.


How To Do IELTS in Dubai for Canada ?

It is also a fact that over 3 million people take IELTS each year. Many do this for moving and working in Canada. Considering IELTS’s educational outreach,  350 institutes and universities in Canada accept IELTS.

IELTS was also the first English language proficiency recognized by the Citizenship and Immigration, Canada.

Considering the important immigration programs to Canada, the test is valid for the Express Entry program as well as other provincial nominee programs.

What are the Types of the IELTS Test?

There are two types of IELTS:

#1 IELTS Academic

You must take the IELTS academic test if you want to go for higher education in Canada. Importantly, universities providing undergraduate and graduate degrees require a good score on the IELTS academic test. Moreover, you can also take IELTS academic for work purposes as well. This test evaluates your understanding of academic vocabulary, among other aspects.

#2 IELTS General

You must take the IELTS general test if you want to live in Canada. Moreover, if you want to apply for a school or education lower than the university, you are required to take the IELTS general test. This also works for different work opportunities as well.

What is Assessed During the IELTS Test?

English listening, reading, writing, and speaking are assessed during the test.

Four of the areas are graded from 1 to 9 individually. The better you are in these different areas, the higher your score will be.

Both IELTS Academic and General tests have the same four sections. Considering the content, Listening and Speaking tests are also the same. But, writing and reading tests are different for IELTS general and academic tests.

Conclusively, if you want to work or live in Canada, take the IELTS general test.

Moreover, if you want to study in Canada, take the IELTS academic test.

What is Canada’s Language Assessment?

The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is the standard of Canada to quantify the English understanding capabilities of immigrants or the prospective ones.


There are 12 CLBs which are summarized well by the table below:



IELTS General Score (Listening+Reading+Writing+Speaking)

Total (Out of 36)





































What Should Be My IELTS Score?

The IELTS score depends on the organization you are going to work or study in.

For living and acquiring permanent residency (PR) in Canada, you must have a score of 6 in all the skills, which stand for CLB band 7.

Where to Give IELTS?

You could give IELTS tests across different test centers in Dubai.


How to Prepare for the IELTS Test in Dubai?


There are many educational resources available online for the preparation of the IELTS test. You could access different helpful books on IELTS on the internet and at local Dubai book stores.

Considering the writing part of the test, you could practice it by attempting different writing exercises online and from practice books. Moreover, you could also watch helpful youtube videos on the IELTS reading test.

The same goes for the listening and speaking parts of the test. You could watch candidates giving their evaluations on Youtube, to know the best way to ace the test.

Not only this, but for a more systematic approach, you could also take different free and paid courses on IELTS. If you think you will not be able to prepare by yourself, look out for physical learning centers and/or online courses.

There are many ways to crack the IELTS. Choose the one which you are comfortable with!


How to Register For the IELTS test?


  1. Find the nearest IELTS Test Centre

There are 27 IELTS test centers in Dubai. Find the nearest one to you by conducting a quick browser search.

  1. Get Yourself Registered Online or At a Local Centre

You could apply and pay for the IELTS test online.

The second option is to download the IELTS test form and submit it at a local test center. You would have to provide a copy of an identity document with the form, and would also have to bring another copy on the test day.

  1. You will receive a Confirmation for Your IELTS Test

Once your application is processed, the local test center will send you the date and time of your test. You could give the speaking test a week or before the date. But, you would have to attempt the remaining parts of the IELTS on the fixed date and time.


For living, working, or studying in Canada, your English must be at par. There are different English proficiency tests but IELTS is one of the most important ones. You would have to ace IELTS in Dubai for Canada’s citizenship, study programs, or work positions. In this article, we explained the IELTS test, what is an ideal IELTS score, the registration process, and some other important aspects.

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