Saudi Arabia is one of the world's wealthiest economies, and finding employment here can be a dream opportunity for many.The nation has the capacity to host candidates from all over the world and is one of the top employers. Saudi Arabia is renowned for its oil and gas sector, but there are multiple other opportunities beyond this industry that a candidate can use to start his or her profession.


New & Fresh Jobs Announced In Saudi Arabia

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Posted on: 2021-Jan-12

Telecom Design Engineering Jobs 2021

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Posted on: 2021-Jan-01

Core Telecom Engineer wanted in Saudi Arabia

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Posted on: 2020-Nov-01

Sous Chef jobs in Saudi Arabia

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Posted on: Jan 8 2020

Science Teacher (Primary) required in Riyadh

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Posted on: Jan 8 2020

Electrical Engineer required in Saudi Arabia

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Posted on: Jan 4 2020

It can be of great benefit for the staff to work in Saudi. Along with this with good companies in the country, one may have a chance of getting great exposure.
So if you're planning to find jobs in Saudi Arabia, then there are a few important things that you need to know about. In this article, we will answer the top questions asked by expats who want to work in Saudi Arabia and settle there.

What are the top jobs in in Saudi Arabia?

Although the country is identified for a few specific sectors, there are several other sectors of employment in Saudi Arabia that are in high demand. Here is the list of the top 6 employment sectors that can be chosen in Saudi Arabia.

Construction and Building:

Construction is one of Saudi Arabia's main industries. The country is known to invest enormous capital on infrastructure in the growing economy and to do so, Saudi Arabia has set up some of the top building and installation businesses. Since this sector in the country is known to have good turnover, it has great requirements for both new and experienced candidates. In these organisations, there are various roles that one can opt for.

Real Estate

Again, one of the most desirable cities in which one can start a career is real estate. With the high level of development in the nation, it is essential to find the right buyer for it and to do so, most companies employ realtors also known as brokers or estate agents. In order to take up a job and demand a good salary, one must have 3-5 years of work experience should have understanding of Saudi Arabia's property market.


Health Care is a main company in Saudi Arabia. The nation is actively taking care of the people in their country and they have set up a lot of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories to do so. Saudi Arabia has a world-class health care facility, but there is a shortage of medical professionals, so the country has a big need for expats who have health care expertise and experience.

Legal Sector:

From the viewpoint of job seekers, the legal sector is once again an important sector. For individuals who have legal qualifications and want to start a career in this field, Saudi Arabia has great opportunities. Therefore, there is often a need for applicants who have the right set of qualifications for the legal sector to have a comprehensive approach to work.

Oil and Gas:

As we all know, oil and gas is one of Saudi Arabia's prime sectors and is known for recruiting bulk from all over the world. So if you have the right skills for this industry, then you could have a great opportunity to work and settle in Saudi Arabia.

Information Technology (IT):

In Saudi Arabia, information and technology is a developing field and has a wide range of recruitment activities. The country now has an overwhelming demand for engineers and holders of IT diplomas. IT is an incredibly rising industry and will allow the applicant to make a high-wage, progressive career.

What are the top job roles in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?


  • Management Accountants
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Head of digital/digital transformation
  • Risk Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • Legal Counsel
  • Data Security Analyst
  • Software Developers/Engineers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Legal Assistants
  • Hotel Staff
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • IT Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Medical, Healthcare Workers
  • Sales Representatives

What are the top non- core skills employers look for in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?


  • Time Management
  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Adaptive Thinking
  • Service Orientation
  • Networking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Social and Digital media
  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management

In Saudi Arabia, what are the typical interview questions asked?

  • Tell it to us about yourself?
  • What makes you fit for a particular position in the job?
  • What are the reasons why you are quitting your last job?
  • You've been at your current job for a long time, so why?
  • Are you in a position to perform under pressure?
  • What abilities do you have, and how can we profit from them?
  • What technical shortcomings do you have?
  • How relaxed are you in teams working?
  • What managerial style do you use?

If yes, have you ever recruited or fired a person in your team, tell us what procedure are you going to follow to fire people?What keeps you at work motivated?These are the common interview questions that applicants are asked by most recruiters.So if you are planning to move as an expat to Saudi Arabia, start your work quest and find the job that may be important to your career path.