How to migrate to canada from uae

In this article, we explain how to migrate to Canada from UAE, specific programs, eligibility criteria, and all the necessary details you need to know.

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The number of people migrating to Canada rises each passing year. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, Canada welcomed more than 280,000 immigrants in 2020.

Moreover, thousands of Indians, Pakistanis, and Emirati citizens live in Canada as of 2021. With so many people moving to Canada, one wonders how to migrate to Canada from UAE?

Why Migrate to Canada?

Many Emiratis and foreign nationals living in the UAE choose to migrate to Canada even though the UAE has a high quality of life.


How to Migrate to Canada From UAE?

This is because Canada is one of the best and safest countries to live in. Moreover, it offers better job opportunities in several sectors.

Not only this, free healthcare services, tolerance, and cultural inclusivity make Canada a prominent country for immigration.

What are the Different Pathways to Migrate to Canada?

There are many pathways by which you could secure Permanent Residency (PR) and subsequently citizenship in Canada.

Some of the pathways are:

Migrate to Canada by the Express Entry Program

  • Many believe that this is the most effective and quick way to attain Canadian PR.
  • For being eligible for this program, you must have done full-time work for 12 months.
  • Moreover, you do not need to have a job offer in Canada for applying to this program.

Not only this, the application process takes between 6 to 8 months which is relatively low. Additionally, you could move to any province or territory of Canada.

There are three under the express entry system which are:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. The Canadian Experience Class

If you haven’t lived in Canada before, FSWP will be the best program to apply for being eligible for PR.

How to Apply for Permanent Residency by the Express Entry Program?

  1. If you fit the eligibility criteria, you could form an express entry profile.
  2. Your educational credentials would be assessed. And also, your proficiency in English or French or both would be evaluated.
  3. You will be given a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score based on your express entry profile.
  4. The people topping CRS score charts would then be invited to apply for PR in Canada.

Note: The Invitations to Apply (ITAs) are issued every two weeks.

Apply through the Provincial Nominee Program

  • This is the immigration program by which you could select a province and apply for PR there.
  • You must have a job offer in order to apply for the provincial nominee program (PNP).
  • The paper application process of PNP takes 15 to 18 months.
  • If you apply for the province of British Columbia through an online application, it takes 2 or 3 months less.

Living in Canada After Studying

This is not a direct route for living in Canada. But people who study in DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions) have options to live and work in Canada.

The main point here is that the longer the period of your study, the longer your work visa. For example, if you study for 4 months, you could get a work visa of 4 months only afterward.

So, it’s necessary that you study for 3 to 4 years in order to qualify for immigration programs.

Moreover, there are several skill and education programs under the provincial nominee category by which you could apply for permanent residency and then acquire citizenship.

Living After Working

Many foreign nationals stay in Canada on work visas. This eases their pathway to citizenship.

After garnering work experience, you could apply for permanent residency through different programs including the ones explained above.

How To Apply For a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa?

Eligibility to Apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa

An applicant must ensure the following points in order to apply for a Canadian PR Visa:

  • Must score at least 67 CRS points because Canada’s express entry program requires this minimum.

  • Must have proficiency in English or French language.

  • Must have full-time work experience of at least 2 years.

  • Must possess sufficient finances for immigration application.

  • Must have character and health certificates.

  • Must pass the educational credential assessment.

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply for A Canada Permanent Residency Visa in UAE

  1. Gather All Your Educational Documents

Submit all your educational documents for the educational credential assessment.

  1. Create an Express Entry Profile

Create an express entry profile by filling in all the details on the online form.

  1. Scoring high on CRS Chart

By getting a good CRS score, you would get a permanent residency ITA.

  1. Submit Documents and Visa Fees

In a span of 60 days, ensure submitting the required documents and visa fees.

  1. Get Your Passport Stamped

As soon as your visa is approved send your passport to the nearest embassy for stamping.

How to Immigrate from the UAE to Canada?

Eligibility to Immigrate to Canada

You cannot go to Canada if there are legal issues are impediments like:

  • Misrepresentation,

  • Non-compliance with IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act),

  • Human or international rights violations,

  • Criminal record,

  • Health,

  • Financial reasons, and

  • Having an inadmissible family member.

Step-By-Step Guide to Immigrate to Canada from the UAE

  1. Gather All the Necessary Documents

Gather all the necessary documents to bring with you to Canada, which include

  • Canadian immigrant visa or permanent residency documents

  • Passport or other travel documents

  • A list entailing the name of items you are taking with yourself to Canada

  • A list entailing the monetary value of the same items

  1. Keep Your Canadian Home Ready

Coming sometime earlier to check out possible homes before moving to Canada would be pivotal. On the basis of your income, you need to get a home for rent or even purchase one.

  1. Get Health Insurance

The government of Canada is responsible for all the healthcare expenses. But, at your first arrival, you would need to have private health insurance.

  1. Improve English or French or Both

You need to be able to speak and understand at least one of the languages. Knowing both would be even better.

  1. Find a Job

After you enter Canada, it is necessary that you find a job. Ensure that you are registered with the Canadian government to check regular job postings.

  1. Apply for Canadian Citizenship

After 4 years of residing in Canada, you could apply for permanent citizenship.

The applicant must be of

  • 18 years of age,

  • understand Canadian protocols,

  • knows English or French,

  • and have passed a Canadian government and politics exam.

If the applicant fits all these obligations, he or she will be awarded Canadian citizenship at a ceremony.


Canada has become the North American paradise for migrants. To fulfill its workforce needs, the Canadian government has organized a net of immigration programs. This is a win-win situation for both the country and the people permanently moving there.

The post-migration problems are the nightmare of the future, but the application process is more time-consuming and difficult. You would have to submit an application and wait with patience for at least a year in order to qualify for a permanent residency visa application. In this article, we explained how to migrate to Canada from UAE, with all the necessary details and information you need to know.

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