Apply for a VISA to Australia

  • Posted On: 2021-Mar-16
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Job Description

Step 1 :

Choose a visa subclass that is suitable for your trip to Australia and download the correct visa application form.

Step 2 :

Your visa application may necessitate the submission of supporting documentation. See the checklists given under Visa Types for a list of the supporting documents needed for your visa. Collect all of the required supporting documents for your submission.

Step 3 :

Organize for the payment of visa fees via bank draught. Service charges will be collected in cash in Pakistani rupees at AVAC.

Step 4 :

Prior online appointment for application submission is a prerequisite. Make an appointment to visit the AVAC and apply your application and biometrics.

Step 5 :

Send your visa application and biometrics to the AVAC. The Australian visa office can contact you for more information.

How to Apply

If you are interested in the position, please contact through the following infomation:

Job Requirements
  • The ideal candidate should possess minimum Diploma 2 Years from a recognized institute.
  • The ideal candidate must have at least no experience of proven work experience in the similar field.

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